Animal Behavior Consulting
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Christine Shedron, CPDT-KA

Trained by
Drs. Suzanne Hetts
and Daniel Estep

 Christine can help with all dog and cat behavior problems including:

aHouse Soiling 

 aSeparation Anxiety


 aDestructivenessaFears and Phobias 
 a Litterbox problemsaand many more!

"Christine is an experienced and knowledgeable trainer and behavior consultant.  We were always satisfied with her work for us.  She sincerely cares about people and pets and treats both with respect.  She takes the initiative to stay up to date with her skills and knowledge, including being a member of our Behavior Education Network."

Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D.
Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Co-owner Animal Behavior Associates, Inc.


Behavior Consultation

Recommended for all Dog and Cat Behavior Problems that occur IN the home. Including Aggression, Fears and Phobias, Seperation Anxiety, House Soiling etc... Has the advantage of being able to see your pet in his/her living environment. Includes travel within a 15 mile radius from our office in Golden Colorado, up to 2 hours of in person consultation, and 3 months of telephone and/or email follow-up. Requires 1.5 to 2 hours.

Behavior Consultation $375
If you live outside the 15 mile radius and would like an in home visit, there will be an additional fee. Please call for a quote.                      303-233-6520

Aggression/Reactivity (Away from Home)

This Plan is recomended for dogs that are Aggressive/Reactive to People and/or Dogs OUTSIDE/AWAY from your Home. Initial Phone Consultation plus 4 working sessions and 3 months of phone/e-mail support. The first step in resolving aggression is understanding why the behavior developed. Christine will start with a thorough history by phone. The phone consultation will take 1 to 1.5 hours. She will then make a plan based on your specific situation. All recommendations will be given to you in writing. If your veterinarian referred you, she will send them a copy of her findings and plan. After the initial phone consultation you will have 4 working sessions either with Christine or Ben at Lions Park in Golden.  You will also have phone/email support for 3 months after the last visit. 

Aggression Plan (Away from Home) $550

Aggression/Reactivity (At and Away from Home)

This Plan is recommended for dogs that are Aggressive/Reactive to People and/or Dogs  AT Home and AWAY from Home.

Includes Regular In Home  Consultation, 4 working sessions at Lions Park in Golden and 3 months of Phone/e-mail support.


Aggression Plan (At and Away from Home)$700 



Telephone Consultation

Recommended for all cat problems, and when meeting in person just isn’t possible. Depending on the type of problem, we may ask you to send pictures, diagrams, or a videotape prior to the consultation. Includes the initial consult of up to 1.5 hours, written instructions, and 3 months of telephone and/or email follow-up. Requires 1 to 1.5 hours.

Telephone Consultation $225 

Brief Telephone Consultaion

These consults are designed for straightforward problems that do not require much analysis. Examples include house training a puppy, how to help a surviving pet after the death of another, pet selection counseling, and basic procedures for introducing a new pet to resident ones. Brief consults do not include written recommendations, handouts or follow-up. Fee is Requires 30 Minutes Additional time is charges at $100 an hour.

Brief Telephone Consultation $75